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A Time to Lead or Time to Leave


Letter to the Editor As posted on Facebook, as well as printed in The Frederick News-Post

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Anne Arundel’s response to COVID saved lives, but ended friendships and opened political rifts


Before the coronavirus pandemic took hold in Anne Arundel County, it was common to see friends and neighbors of opposing political parties spending ti...

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WANTED: Leaders of Tomorrow


Frederick County Republicans, Where Are You? By: Fred Propheter, President – Frederick County Conservative Club At the February meeting of&...

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Facebook Slanders Frederick’s Conservative Citizens

fakeFB header

Am I the only one who sees the irony in Facebook flagging “unapproved” content as sexually explicit when it isn’t?  Shouldn’t those flags be rese...

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What To Do About The Republican Party


The Republican Party is our party, not the suits who turned-tail and ran from Donald Trump, not the pedophile, pocket lining scumbags of The...

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You Say You Want a 3rd Party?


by Fred Propheter, President of the Frederick County Conservative Club I had planned to address this topic at the last two meetings of th...

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Frederick County Citizens Peacefully Assemble In Washington, D.C.


By Seth Eisenberg -January 18, 2021 On January 6th, members of the Frederick County Conservative Club filled 3 busses and headed to Washington D.C....

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In Wake Of Cox’s ‘Traitor’ Tweet, Jones Says Situation Is Being ‘Addressed’


January 18, 2021 by Maryland Matters Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify Speaker Jones’ comments and to update the account o...

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Frederick Sheriff Jenkins responds following rally for his removal


FREDERICK COUNTY, Md. — A group of Frederick residents rallied for Sheriff Jenkin’s removal as Sheriff, but Jenkins says he has no intentions of step...

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First Hand Account Of The Rally In Washington, D.C., On January 6, 2021


By Fred Propheter We just wrapped up a bus trip to support President Trump and the Constitutional process that was to take place on January 6, 2021...

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