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Frederick County Citizens Peacefully Assemble In Washington, D.C.

News Worthy

By Seth Eisenberg -January 18, 2021

On January 6th, members of the Frederick County Conservative Club filled 3 busses and headed to Washington D.C. to exercise their first amendment rights. No other club in Frederick has ever accomplished getting that many people together to attend a rally in DC before.

During the rally, many club members took pictures and videos of the things they saw or heard. As you can imagine, there were literally hundreds of them taken. For some, this was their first time attending such an event and they were rightly excited.

As we all know at some point during the rally some people acted in a manner unbecoming of the event.  Some assaulted police officers and destroyed property, none of which was condoned by anyone. The members of the FCCC took no part in any of the bad behavior.  They were there to defend their President and the Constitution, nothing more. 

After the club returned home, the members that took pictures and video sent them to me, I in turn put them together into a mini “movie” (below). Nothing in the video would be considered violent or dangerous, unless of course you are afraid of hearing an opinion that isn’t yours.Video Player00:0001:04

The video is about a minute long and highlights the trip through our members eyes.  It’s not in the nominated an academy award, it was something put together for the FCCC members who could not attend the rally in person.

On January 8th, I woke up to find an official Facebook notice calling the video a “violation of community standards on dangerous individuals and organizations”.

Needless to say, I wasn’t shocked. I was actually surprised it lasted the 24 or so hours it did. Facebook and unfortunately the country, have started to trend towards a nation ruled by emotion, abandoning reason, logic and common sense.

It used to be, when I was growing up, if you heard or saw something that offended YOU, you would simply look away, and go on with your life. Nowadays if you get offended, the world must stop spinning. People everywhere must stop what they’re doing and listen to your sad story about how the offending “thing” has destroyed your life and you simply cannot go on!!!! 

In return for the perceived offense, someone, ANYONE must be punished!!  They must be attacked.  Whether it’s verbally or physically their goal is to destroy their lives as much as possible.  That includes hounding not only them, but their families relentlessly until the desired result is achieved – whatever that may be.

Yup, that’s the world we are creating for our children, one lead by emotions, where people should be offended by everything and seek to ruin people who are different, rather than try and talk it over.

This country is fast approaching the point of no return. We need to make some crucial decisions that will impact future generations for decades to come. Will we choose to be the country where we accept the ideas, we find offensive will be banned, attacked and removed from the history books?  Will we realize no good comes without civil debate? Can we have different viewpoints allowing freedom to express ourselves without fear of a mob attack?

Of course, this isn’t to say there aren’t certain things that are universally unacceptable and should remain that way. I’m talking about people who vote differently then you, believe in raising their family differently than you, people that are opposite of you in every way – you know, your neighbors, friends and sometimes members of your own family. Should it be ok to attack and shame them into submission simply because you are offended by your differences? No, it should never be acceptable, but it’s slowly becoming that way.

I hope we make the right decisions and make them soon. Future generations are depending on us. I’m afraid if we don’t get back to understanding that unless someone is going to be physical injured or break the law, mind your own business. Live and let live or we’re doomed.

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