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I have been planning this write since election night, back in November. Things were looking good; for a time. As hours and days passed, it became quite clear; we were losing our grip on our once-great Constitutional Republic.

The combination of mail-in voting, early voting, and nefarious antics from within our own party will cost us dearly now; and into the foreseeable future.

Let’s start at the state level and work our way down to the locals.

Larry Hogan is the titular head of the Republican Party in Maryland; and, as such, should get behind all Primary winners. Sadly, this was not the case. When Dan Cox soundly defeated Hogan’s heir apparent, Kelly Schulz, Lockdown Larry all but endorsed Cox’s Democrat opponent, now Governor-elect, Wes Moore. Between the insults Chicken Little Larry hurled at Cox, and glad-handing with Wes Moore all but sealed the fate of the Cox/Schifanelli ticket.

The MDGOP is as complicit as anyone in the statewide races. When the soon-to-be-retired Chairman of the MDGOP appeared at a Kelly Schulz press conference declaring that the MDGOP does not endorse pre-primary, the irony; Mr. Haire was wearing a Schulz for Governor t-shirt.Couple that with an encounter between Mr. Haire and Dan Cox’s female campaign manager; when she asked when the Cox campaign should expect support from the MDGOP, Haire launched into a tirade laced with language that would make a sailor blush. As I have said in the past, donate to the candidate, not the party.

There are numerous other instances of shenanigans at the state level; if one were inclined, they could write a book.

Local nefarious deeds.

Two candidates were running for the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, one on the Republican Club Board of Governors, who created a fake website attacking a ‘fellow’ Republican. Thankfully, their attempt to torpedo his campaign failed. Much to our chagrin, one did make it onto the Central Committee and remains on the R club Board of Governors.

Other than an over-crowded Board of Education primary race that watered down the vote, the only problem was the loser bad-mouthing the three Conservatives who survived the Primary. The biggest problem of this cycle, as in 2020, was unmonitored ballot drop-boxes. Either no camera at all, or it was set up so no one’s face was recorded.

In a conversation with Sheriff Jenkins this past weekend, he stated. “had the count gone on one more day or two, I would not be getting sworn in this week.”

On The Bright Side

We had a few victories to celebrate. Our own Sheriff Jenkins, Nancy Allen and Mason Carter were all elected.There is much work to be done though, we will be discussing strategies in the months to come.

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