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We have escaped January, largely unscathed. Nothing major has come out of the General Assembly, yet. No significant snow storms, and gas still hovers around $3.50.I want to thank everyone that came out for our Human Trafficking Awareness Month program.Eric Colton gave an excellent presentation of his Untrafficked group. I encourage you to sign up to be Guardians and help protect our youth from online predators. You can find the information on becoming a Guardian here.
Unless you were hiding under a rock this last weekend, you most likely saw the senseless beating of a young man, Tyre Nichols, in Memphis, TN, earlier this month. It was a brutal attack by police officers (I hate even using the term in this case) over a traffic stop.As of May 2021, there are just under 720,000 sworn local deputies, police, and state police in the USA. The miscreants who perpetrated this heinous act, and those involved in ‘police brutality’ incidents, represent less than 1/10 of one per cent of all who wear the badge.The following is a statement issued by Sheriff Jenkins on the Tyre Nichols case:
“This attack on Tyre Nichols was an atrocity committed by rogue police officers. This was a brutal senseless attack on a young man for no reason whatsoever. There is no justification for any level of force to have been used by the police, beginning with how they approached the car and violently pulled him out. 
“I saw no resistance at all put up by Nichols. I saw a desperate attempt to survive, even getting up and running to survive. Not one strike, punch, or use of pepper spray was warranted. I’ve never seen a worse example of police brutality. The five involved officers deserve the maximum penalty for the crime of murder. 
“This is not about lack of training, not about officers feeling threatened. This was about rage-filled officers out of control, and none of them made one attempt to stop it. They are all five responsible for his death. 
“No one can begin to offer justification for this act.” ~ Sheriff Chuck Jenkins
Now, what we will most likely see coming out of the Swamp (DC) will be an attempt to Federalize police agencies. The FBI is a Federal police force, and we are all too aware of the abuses and “selective justice” they administer, from investigating parents at Board of Education meetings to falsifying FISA warrants. This is TYRANNY in its ugly form!
URGENT; ACT NOW: The WHO’s International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRRC) recently met to finalize the proposed IHR amendments, which will further enable Covid medical tyranny (including vaccine passports) and empower international bureaucracy at the expense of American sovereignty. The World Health Assembly would then consider these amendments at its next meeting in late May. Contact your state legislators, urging them to use their rightful authority under the U.S. Constitution to nullify this power grab! The World Health Organization (WHO) is negotiating a global pandemic treaty and considering dangerous amendments to its International Health Regulations (IHR) — these will further enable Covid medical tyranny while amounting to yet another step toward a one-world government. State governments can and should nullify these tyrannical schemes. Additionally, the Deep State, which weaponized Covid to implement its tyrannical agenda, has been pushing for a global pandemic treaty for some time already. For example, in an April 3, 2020 op-ed, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger stated that, “Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program.” Additionally, Bill Gates has called for strengthening the WHO.The WHO’s pandemic treaty must be stopped — and the states have a key role in doing this. Rather than sitting back and being complacent, state legislators must take bold action to nullify any WHO agreement.Stopping the WHO through NullificationNullification is firmly grounded in the text of the U.S. Constitution. Specifically, Article VI duty bounds state legislators — along with members of Congress and judges — by their oath to “to support this Constitution.”Nullification of the WHO’s pandemic treaty wouldn’t be the first time the states have taken such bold action. Among multiple other examples, Alabama in 2012 enacted a strong law banning the implementation of the UN’s Agenda 21 (now Agenda 2030) in the state. Multiple other state legislative chambers passed similar bans.Contact your state legislators and urge them to enact strong legislation fully preventing the implementation and/or enforcement of the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty, along with the proposed amendments to the WHO’s IHR. State governments have an important role in preserving liberty — we cannot afford for them to squander it!

February Meeting

In our continuing efforts to grow and bolster the Conservative movement in Frederick and Maryland alike, we have invited Lt. Col. Berney Flowers (USAF Ret.) and former Congressional candidate (MD-CD2) to share his new book, Black Values Matter, and his work with Blexit, the exodus of Blacks from the Democrat party.
Date: Monday, February 20, 2023
Location: Mountain Elks Lodge #382, 173 W All Saints St. Frederick 21701
Time: 6-9 PM
Door Prizes & 50/50 DrawingThis room only has a capacity of 130, we need an accurate headcount. Please RSVP here. Yes, we do have a room charge to cover. We request a $10 donation. Members receive a voucher for a free beverage with a donation.
In closing, we have a member and benefactor who has legislation coming out that hopefully will reign in MD Dept. of the Environment (MDE).Everyone that I know supports and wants clean air and water. MDE in recent years has gone off the hook, crippling farmers, small businesses, and contractors alike, with stifling fines and erroneous regulations. Issuing six-figure fines for “acts of God” and unreasonable timetables to remedy such “acts”.We will let you know when the legislation has been drafted. We ask that you reach out to your legislators and encourage their support.

“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.” — Paulo Coelho, “The Alchemist”
Happy Valentines Day
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