To be a nonpartisan advocating body for the advancement and support of conservatism in Frederick County, and across the state of Maryland.


To promote the principles, objectives, and vision of conservatism as applied to Frederick County.


To establish and operate an effective conservative organization in Frederick County that calls out the hypocrisy of elected officials who sometime run as conservatives but govern as progressives.

To encourage ALL conservative residents of Frederick County to participate in the local political process by voting.


To secure through nonpartisan efforts the election of truly conservative candidates for public office.


To engage in such other activities as are reasonably necessary and proper to accomplish the foregoing purposes.


  1. We fully support the Bill of Rights in Frederick County which includes the individual’s freedom of speech and their right to keep and bear arms period full stop.
  1. We fully support and will stand up to defend all private property rights Frederick County. We make no distinction among residents be they home owners, business owners or farmers. When government encroaches on the property rights of some, it becomes a matter of time before it does so to every citizen.
  1. We fully support lowering Frederick County property taxes through the sound fiscal management of citizen generated revenue. Cutting wasteful Frederick County spending shouldn’t be just a suggestion to some politician at Winchester Hall.
  1. We fully support reasonable oversight of Frederick County’s budget spending for the Frederick County Board of Education. We want a line item budget from the BoE so we can see where our tax dollars are going.
  1. We fully support enhanced small business growth by ending erroneous regulations and the fees associated with permitting.
  1. We fully support Frederick County Government working with all Frederick County stakeholders including Developers and Realtors to find sensible solutions to Frederick County’s current growth and development conditions.
  1. We fully support and will stand proudly against any effort to keep Frederick County from becoming a sanctuary county for illegal immigrants.
  1. We fully support the I.C.E. 287-G program in Frederick County.
  1. We fully support treatment as an equal partner in efforts to maintain law and order during this opioid crisis in Frederick County.

Learn more about our mission. It just might inspire you to help us build a better future.

  • CONSERVATIVE ACTIVISM – The Frederick County Conservative Club is an active growing group of conservative citizens who are dedicated to advancing the values of true conservatism in Frederick County. When others sit, we stand up.

  • CONSERVATIVE ENGAGEMENT – The Frederick County Conservative Club understands the importance of challenging progressive policies. Our club speaks up and engages in the vital debates that other clubs and committees won’t participate in.

  • CONSERVATIVE ACCOUNTABILITY – The Frederick County Conservative Club puts advancing conservatism in Frederick County first. Politicians in both parties must be held accountable to conservatives who are also county residents, business owners, and voters.



If you are an FCCC member in good standing and would like a copy of the By-Laws, please contact and a copy will be emailed to you.


Your generous donation is an investment to ensure the success of our conservative mission.