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Comrades & Countrymen,

Another May Day has come and gone, but fear not, if the Biden administration and their handlers get their way, we will be goosestepping before we have another Dear Leader appointed for us in 2024! Do you think I am joking? There is a hint of tongue-in-cheek there, but we seriously have not a moment to waste.

Libertarian Elon Musk bought Twitter one week ago, and less than 72 hours later, the Department of Homeland Security announced a new tentacle of government overreach, the Ministry of Truth. That is not the actual name, but it boils down to. The Ministry of Truth was one of 4 ministries in George Orwell’s “1984”. Can we make 1984 fiction again? I prefer to read it than live it.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of Liberty.” Washington and state capitols are doing everything they can to concentrate powers. It is up to us to do everything to wrest the powers we have surrendered to dear rulers over the decades and return the power to We the People!

In a very pedestrian, lower-middle-class neighborhood in Silver Spring, I was raised in an Eisenhauer/Goldwater/Nixon household. Growing up, I heard from the few Democrat friends I had that the Republican party was for the rich and powerful. The Rockefellers and Carnegie types. Yes, they were the seedlings for ‘the swamp, and there was a lot of back-scratching and pocket lining going on and still is today. But, for the most part, the tables have turned 180*. In less than a generation, we have seen the shift of Democrats now protecting the elites of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, et al., to the Conservative/Republican party being the party of the ‘little guy, the working class, and the working poor. Just the way I had seen it way back then. This shift in the paradigm works in the Conservative’s favor. We are seeing a mass exodus from the party of the jackass by Black & Hispanic voters. Now, are you willing to reach out and find lost and wandering souls? Are you ready to door-knock in neighborhoods different than your own?We have over 24 candidates running from our little Conservative club. We are not so little anymore; we are closing in on the 150 mark! We are 77 days away from the July 19 Primary, and there is no time to waste.Candidates, if you are not using the resources of FCCC, shame on you!I will get off my soapbox for now, but WE HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE.

Upcoming EventsThursday, May 5th, 6 pm-9 pmJoin Chaz Packan for County Council FundraiserAt Frey’s Brewing Company8601 Mapleville Rd Mount Airy, MD 21771Entertainment will be by The Knight BrothersMore Information and tickets here.

Saturday, May 7th, 12:30 pm – 2:30 pmJoin Mason and others as they celebrate his birthday with a potluck lunch at Woodsboro Park. Bring a side dish! The event will be held in Pavillion 1. The minimum donation is $10. Hamburgers and Hot dogs will be grilled on-site for all attendees: no politics, fun times, and good vibes with like-minded people.More Information & tickets here.

Wednesday, May 11th, 6 pm – 9 pm
Frederick County Conservative Club Monthly Meeting​As usual, we will be meeting at the Elks Lodge #684289 Willowdale DrFrederick, MD 21703Our scheduled speaker is US Senate candidate Jon McGreevey. I do not doubt that you will like Jon.

We need to spread our word and bring a friend, co-worker, boss, or neighbor. Whoever brings the most guests will get a special reward. Dinner is the Dan Dee Fried Chicken Buffet, $15 per person + beverages.*** Donations, as always, are indeed needed, always appreciated, and never squandered.

“Freedom lies in being bold.” ~ Robert Frost
We’ll see you next week. Godspeed,​

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