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Frederick County Republicans, Where Are You?

By: Fred Propheter, President – Frederick County Conservative Club

At the February meeting of The Frederick County Conservative Club we empaneled four leaders from different walks of the political sphere to discuss “A Path Forward” heading into the 2021-2022 election cycles. It was an evening of strategies and ideas on growing our base, refining our messaging and bringing voters back to a Constitution centered community, state and country.

2021 brings us Frederick city elections, consisting of five Aldermen and Mayor. As of this date, I am only aware of one candidate to challenge incumbent Mayor Michael O’Connor. That’s it. The five Alderman seats remain unchallenged.

People moan and complain about the leadership of our communities, especially after living through a year of the Wuhan Red Death lockdowns, forcing business closures, online learning and quarantining of our elders. Yet today with a 77% decrease in positive Covid-19 tests, we remain in various levels of confinement.

We cannot expect change if we do not change our so-called ‘leaders.’ Today we face another virus, a plague of sorts. Not one that will kill us physically, not one that will even cause a runny nose. However, it will stifle our freedom, our ability to regain the liberties we have lost and continue to lose. This virus has crumbled empires and given rise to tyrannical leaders. It is called apathy.

Yes, apathy runs rampant and uncontrolled, and it will be the ruin of our community first and our country last.

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