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You Say You Want a 3rd Party?

News Worthy

by Fred Propheter, President of the Frederick County Conservative Club

I had planned to address this topic at the last two meetings of the Frederick County Conservative Club. January’s meeting would not allow the time and Mother Nature called me in to work keeping me away from February’s meeting. If you will indulge me now…

Ever since the results of the 2020 Presidential (s)election chose Sleepy Joe Biden as the next occupant of 1600, the clarion call has been “We need a new party!” or “Trump needs to form a new party!”. So, in my best Joe Pesci or Ron Burgundy voice, I must ask: Are you sure?

I am not going to pussyfoot around. I’m going straight for the jugular. This is absolute fool’s folly. If you want to remain at the bottom of the totem pole, the bottom of the political food chain, have at it. I refuse to give up on our once great party. A party that we built. The Party that Donald Trump chose to launch his “America First” platform.


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