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Letter from the FCCC President


Dear Fellow Patriots & Countrymen, I pray this letter finds everyone well after yesterday’s monsoon, a.k.a. TS Ida. I personally saw and ...

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Frederick Republicans Split On The Right To Protest


By Seth Eisenberg -November 30, 2020 ADVERTISEMENT In light of the recent resolution passed by the Frederick County Board of Health, many co...

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Photos: Pro-Trump Car Caravan Hits the Beltway


By NBC Washington Staff • Published November 1, 2020 • Updated on November 1, 2020 at 3:40 pm Supporters of...

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Political Notes: Conservative Club leads effort to bring back Board of County Commissioners


Just over five years after charter government was adopted by county voters, one of the county’s political groups is aiming to end it. The Frederick...

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A Tale Of Two Protests


On July 14th downtown Frederick hosted two, 287(g) rallies. One rally in support of the 287(g) program and one against. The rally in oppo...

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Dozens gather in call to defund sheriff’s office, end 287(g) program


Chants of “The people — united — will never be defeated!” and “What we do want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” echoed around the Baker Park bandsh...

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Residents show support for Jenkins, local law enforcement

Staff photo by Bill Green

Roughly 50 people waved blue line flags and variations of the message “support our sheriff” at the intersection of Market and Patrick streets in Frede...

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Debate Of The Year: Kirby Delauter and Kai Hagen


Mark your calendars and set your watches for Monday, March 9 from 6-9:00 p.m. at the Red Horse Steak House, 996 W Patrick Street, Frederick, MD 21703....

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Frederick Conservative Club Seeks to Pay off $8K+ FCPS Lunch Debt

Some accounts owe $10 while the highest owes $800. Frederick, MD – School lunch debt is a national concern with state legislators seeking solutions...

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Political notes: Club forms to represent conservative values


A new club looking to represent conservative values surfaced on social media this week in an outreach campaign to see if it could be viable. The Fr...

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