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September has come and gone. The Great Frederick Fair is but a distant memory of too many calories and miles of walking all the exhibits. And that can only mean one thing; the 2021/2022 political season is in full swing. Yes, I know that is a double-edged sword. Excitement and apprehension for those brave souls that have stepped into the political arena, and endless texts and emails from those seeking donations.

Time is our most valuable asset, and as September proved, it can be gone in a flash, just as the next 13 months will be gone in no time. But we don’t have 13 months. We have 9 months to get our prospective candidates to the primary. 269 days. Thats enough time to create a life and carry it to term. 269 days equates to 37.2 doors most candidates will need to knock on every day to achieve the 10,000 doors most will need to carry them passed the primary and into phase 2 and on the road to victory in November 2022.

We passed a milestone this week with 123 paid memberships and a total mailing list of 338. These are numbers I never would have dreamed possible 20 months ago. You all deserve a round of applause. For those of you who dared to come onboard early on, saw what we were about, and then brought your friends, neighbors, family and coworkers along with you. You all are to be commended. But it does not end there. With membership comes responsibility. We, the FCCC have made a commitment to restore Liberty & Freedom in our communities, our county, our state and our country. We all need to make a commitment to lessen the burden on the candidates who need to knock on those 10,000 doors. As a cohesive unit we can do this and deliver a loud, clear message that the Frederick County Conservative Club is here to stay!

September saw the launch of several campaigns. Our own Mason Carter made it official that he is determined to take out the incumbent Mike Blue in Council District 5. Although Blue calls himself a Republican his votes on the council prove he is anything but and would rather play footsie with the progressives in Winchester Hall. Thank you, Mason for the opportunity to speak at your event. You can learn more about Mason and help get him to the next phase here.
Michelle Shay & Robert Fisher celebrated their bid to join the Frederick Board of Aldermen with a community cookout. 15-20 of you volunteering over the next few weeks could be the key to victory for these 2 Patriots. Give Robert a call at (301)514-8966 and volunteer.

This past week our own Chaz Packan launched his bid to fill the seat being vacated by the self-proclaimed white supremacist, white privileged Jessica Fitzwater and restore District 4. You can read about Chaz, his platform and volunteer here. Again, it was a pleasure to speak for Chaz at his event.

And rounding out September, our own Delegate Dan Cox brought his campaign home to Frederick at the beautiful Musket Ridge Country Club. Dan made his campaign ‘official’ by naming his choice for Lt. Governor, the lovely & gracious, America First loving Gordana  Schifanelli. What a treat to behold. Maryland would do well with this dynamic duo! Get more info here.

Onto October and beyond

First up, FCCC’s monthly meeting is Wednesday October 13 at 6pm at our new home, at least for the next 3 months, The Frederick Elks Lodge #684 on Willowdale Drive. Like so many businesses The Elks is short on staff so, for this first month we will just be doing a deli buffet.Our featured speakers this month are ‘the people’s sheriff, Sheriff Chuck Jenkins and State Senator Michael Hough, candidate for Frederick County Executive. At this writing Chuck & Michael are the only two Conservatives running for those positionsLook up the details here. We need everyone to RSVP by 12 noon on 11 October, please.

On October 16, once again, our own Casie Chang is having her campaign kickoff at her home. Casie is running for the Frederick County Council At-Large trying to fill the seat of the balloon banning, police interfering, mask Nazi, Kai Hagen. Let’s show Casie some love and get her elected. Details here.

And lastly, on Friday November 5 at 6pm our Education Not Indoctrination has their campaign kickoff at the Elks Lodge #684 on Willowdale Drive. This group of Conservatives is driven to overturn the garbage FCPS feeds into our children’s and grandchildren’s minds and return to teaching and educating rather than indoctrinating woke/socialist/American hating garbage. Get to know the slate and get the details on their event here.

If you are a candidate and have an event coming up please, do not hesitate to reach out to us at and we will either advertise it for you or try to get you volunteers. We are all in this together, and together we will succeed.

​”Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” 

– Henry Ford 

Godspeed everyone, see you on the 13th!!

Fred Propheter

Frederick County Conservative Club, President
P.O. Box 3422
Frederick, Maryland 21705

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