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The Turn


When I saw the left give up everything I believe in, I changed politically. You can, too. BY LIEL LEIBOVITZ For many years—most of my politicall...

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Another Gutter Ball for the Duckpin


A hit piece from a theoretic ‘’Conservative” Republican(s) trying to silence us, means we must be doing something right. ‘’If you’re getting shrapnel,...

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Lindell TV

LINDELL TV Please share with everyone you know to help save our country! SCIENTIFIC PROOF To learn more about Mike Lindell’s se...

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Dan Bongino @ Guns Across America Rally in Annapolis, MD


Dan Bongino, former US Secret Service Agent and former US Senate Candidate speaks at the Annapolis, MD Guns Across America Rally. Jan 19th, 2013. ...

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President Donald Trump at CPAC 2021


The video below is of President’s Trumps speech on Sunday, February 28, 2021 at CPAC 2021 in Orlando, FL. Knowledge is Power - Share It!

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Check Out the Club Merch

fccc hoodie

Yep, we are damn proud of our club and we know that our members are too. We created some “Club Gear” and would love for everyone to check...

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Marilyn Manson Under FBI Investigation For ‘Human Trafficking’?! Ex Esme Bianco Hints At Shocking Evidence!


These Marilyn Manson accusations are about to explode. Over the past two weeks we’ve been watching carefully as more and more women have ...

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Goodbye Dear Friend

Rush at a 2016 MAGA Rally

“To those people that listened to him every day, it was like a religious experience for a lot of people. His fans. They just wouldn’t miss him. A very...

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Heritage Foundation Podcasts


Below are a list of podcasts by The Heritage Foundation that we highly recommend. A weekly podcast that explains major policy issues and at...

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Absolute Proof – Mike Lindell Election Documentary


Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud & Theft of America By Enemies Foreign & Domestic! – Mike Lindell Documentary Watch Mike Linde...

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