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The dank, dreary winter of despair appears to be behind us. I refer not to the weather but the hope of the Trump presidency that the opposition wrested from us, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of courts that shirked their duty and responsibilities. Like the seasons, this too shall pass. Now is not the time to waller in one’s disappointment. To the contrary, it is just one more round in a very long prize fight.

Now is the time we need to pick ourselves up off the mat, dust ourselves off, have a shot of water and get back into the ring.

Now is the time for us to gather our forces, recognize our strengths, and strengthen our weaknesses and continue to build on this foundation we, as a club have built and bring in the ‘new conservatives‘ that President Trump brought into the fold. 

All this building and joining forces will not mean a damn thing if we continue to have the same ol’ same ol’ clowns in the circus. The time is now to be out recruiting ‘fresh blood’ with a fresh approach of reaching the electorate and delivering a message of fiscal responsibility, citizen centered government, and certainly less intrusion into our private lives and livelihoods. was gracious enough to publish my 4th column, WANTED: Leaders of Tomorrow, if you would please, give it a read and then begin the process of finding candidates, otherwise, things won’t ever change except for the worse.

For our March 10th Meeting we are moving back to the Buckeyestown Pub, 6803 Michaels Mill Rd in Buckeyestown. This month’s topic is “It Ain’t Over” with featured guest speaker Andrew Langer from The Institute For Liberty. If his name is familiar to you, he has a regular radio gig on WBAL AM1090 and he was one of the founders of Red Maryland, back when they were respectable. Please RSVP, we have to keep the headcount below 50. Get all the details here.

We are close to selling out on our Gun Raffle, a Ruger AR 5.56 MD compliant heavy barrel Full metal hand guard. Optics ready rail. Adjustable butt stock. One mag Fitted with a Sig Sauer Romeo MSR red dot. Chances are reduced to $25 each, buy 3 and get one free! Details here.

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.” 

Babe Ruth

Fred Propheter

Frederick County Conservative Club, President

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