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Back the Blue – Sign the Police Pledge

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Call Rep. Jamie Raskin

(202) 225-5341

Make the call during normal business hours (9am – 5pm EST) and provide your name and address if asked.

Deliver This Message:

My name is [NAME] from [CITY AND ZIP CODE] and I am calling [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to request that they pledge their support for the police. They can sign at

I think calls to “defund the police” are radical and dangerous. Police have an incredibly important role to play in helping us maintain a lawful society, where individual rights are protected.

Police Officers dedicate their lives to upholding the law and protecting their fellow citizens. As a profession, they deserve support and respect. Both from their local community and from elected leaders in Congress.

I am calling to encourage [MEMBER OF CONGRESS] to show their support and commitment to police officers by signing the pledge at

This is a common sense position, but it’s important for elected leaders to take a stand and oppose any effort to “defund the police.”

Thank you for passing along my message to [MEMBER OF CONGRESS]. Have a good day.

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