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Greetings once again fellow Countrymen & Patriots,

This is a final call for you to stand up and tell Washington and Joe Brandon enough is enough!We are not their serfs; they work for us and are supposed to represent our will, not us doing theirs and Big Pharma’s will.How many more people have to die from complications from ‘the jab’? Or the jabs as the case may be.Do you have a child in school? I saw a report that stated children’s speech development has dropped 350% since mask mandates have been implemented.

No doubt you have seen empty shelves in the meat, dairy, household goods and clothes in our stores. These are direct results of Covid mandates!If you have gotten your shots, God bless you. I pray they serve you well. I am not anti-vaccine; I am anti-forced vaccination of an untested concoction of gene altering bio-medics being forced into my sovereign body, a creation by God.We have a few seats left on the bus. If I could afford it, I’d pay for 2-3 buses and invite everyone to come along, on me. But, I can’t. If you’re not going because of the $55 price tag, we have a member who is willing to help defray the cost for you. If that’s the case, respond to this email and we will make it happen.

If you’re thinking “ewww it’s January and it’s cold…” How do you think the Patriots at Valley Forge felt? $55 for a comfortable ride to our Nation’s Capital complete with toilet facilities. Get out of your easy chair, set your DVR for the game, show, or movie you were hoping to watch, and make your voices heard!

We leave the MARC Station behind Target on 355, 7800 Genstar Dr. Frederick 21704 at 9AM and return about 4pm.

Visit our Events page here to get your tickets.We have a duty, a responsibility to our children and grandchildren, as well as generations to come to do our damdest to preserve this gift from God and the experiment our forefathers left for us. What you allow will continue.

In parting, in honor of Theodore Roosevelt, who has recently been removed from the NY Museum of Natural History in the dark of night…

“Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official.”

― Theodore Roosevelt

See you Sunday,

Fred Propheter  

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