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ACTION ALERT: Please Ask Legislators to SUPPORT HB1150 Which Protects Maryland Citizens from Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandates

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TEXT OF HB1150 – Health – Authority of the Secretary of Health and Medical Information:

Altering a provision of law that prohibits a parent or guardian from being required to present a certain certificate of immunization under certain circumstances to be admitted to school to apply only to public schools; requiring the Secretary of Health to include an exclusion for certain individuals when exercising certain authority; and prohibiting an individual from being required to provide proof of a medical examination, a vaccination, a medical test, or any other medical information to obtain employment or to travel by air or otherwise.



  • This bill ensures that public schools, employers, airlines, and other purveyors of access to public spaces may not prohibit Maryland citizens from access to travel, education, or access to public life based upon vaccination status. This legislation makes sense because there is no compelling evidence that public policy segregating citizens by vaccination status and/or restricting access to public life reduces infection, hospitalization or mortality rates.
  • There is no state of emergency sufficient to allow the government to restrict citizens’ public access or segregate citizens based on vaccination status. The estimated Covid-19 infection mortality rate (IFR) is well under 1% and approximately equivalent to seasonal influenza for Maryland residents under 50. Asymptomatic infections, the majority of Covid-19 cases, have a contagion rate under 1%.
  • States and countries which have locked down and restricted commerce, education, and religious services do not have significantly lower hospitalization or mortality rates than states with limited or no restrictions.
  • Covid-19 vaccines in particular have not undergone animal testing or rigorous human trials. Covid-19 vaccines are currently administered under FDA Emergency Use Authorization, which does not legally allow any requirement or mandate; yet many Maryland residents are already being compelled by employers to take Covid-19 vaccines. As of March 14th, 2021, there are 30,938 adverse events associated with U.S. Covid-19 vaccination reported in VAERS. Of those, 1,394 are deaths. This adverse event rate exceeds the rate of influenza vaccine reactions by 20-30 fold; and according to a 2010 Harvard University study, the events reported in VAERS represent less than 1% of all adverse events which occur.
  • There is no compelling or comprehensive evidence that any Covid-19 vaccine currently authorized for use prevents infection or transmission of the virus; the vaccines are designed to reduce the severity and virulence of the illness if a vaccine recipient is exposed and/or becomes infected. Therefore, mandating Covid-19 vaccination in schools, places of employment, or other public spaces is not a reasonable or justified intervention to protect other citizens.


There will be a hearing for HB1150 before the Health and Government Operations Committee on  Wednesday, 3/17/21 at 1:30 PM.

URGENT: We’re asking all members to contact bill sponsor Delegate Cox, and call and email the members of Health and Government Operations Committee, to let them know, in your own words, why you support HB1150!

Delegate Dan Cox
Phone 410-841-3288 | 301-858-3288   Toll-free in MD 1-800-492-7122 ext. 3288

Please copy and paste the following email addresses of the Health and Government Operations Committee members into the BCC section of your email in support of HB1150:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 

Please call the offices of the Health and Government Operations Committee members in support of HB1150:

Bagnall, Heather 410-841-3406 | 301-858-3406
Barron, Erek L. 410-841-3692 | 301-858-3692
Belcastro, Lisa 410-841-3833 | 301-858-3833
Bhandari, Harry 410-841-3526 | 301-858-3526
Carr, Alfred C., Jr. 410-841-3638 | 301-858-3638
Charles, Nick 410-841-3707 | 301-858-3707
Chisholm, Brian 410-841-3206 | 301-858-3206
Cullison, Bonnie 410-841-3883 | 301-858-3883
Hill, Terri L. 410-841-3378 | 301-858-3378
Johnson, Steve 410-841-3280 | 301-858-3280
Kelly, Ariana B. 410-841-3642 | 301-858-3642
Kerr, Ken 410-841-3240 | 301-858-3240
Kipke, Nicholaus 410-841-3421 | 301-858-3421
Krebs, Susan W. 410-841-3200 | 301-858-3200
Lewis, Robbyn 410-841-3772 | 301-858-3772
Morgan, Matthew 410-841-3170 | 301-858-3170
Pena-Melnyk, Joseline 410-841-3502 | 301-858-3502
Pendergrass, Shane E. 410-841-3139 | 301-858-3139
Reilly, Teresa E. 410-841-3278 | 301-858-3278
Rosenberg, Samuel I. 410-841-3297 | 301-858-3297
Saab, Sid 410-841-3551 | 301-858-3551
Sample-Hughes, Sheree 410-841-3427 | 301-858-3427
Szeliga, Kathy 410-841-3698 | 301-858-3698
Young, Karen Lewis 410-841-3436 | 301-858-3436 

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