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I fought back tears as I read about Ofc.Holley’s death today. I thought about her children and how their lives are forever changed.

My thoughts then turned to the 2 animals that took her life simply because she was a Police Officer. But my anger didn’t stop with them, I felt a deeper anger for the ones that emboldened these and the others criminals, the democrats and the 2 so-called ‘republicans’ that made it clear they didn’t support police in Maryland. When they voted to strip LEOBOR (Law Enforcement Officer Bill Of Rights)they sent a message to all the criminals in Maryland, and that message was simple, the police no longer have our support and they are on their own.

With that vote those democrats and so-called republicans tossed every single Police Officer in Maryland under the bus, hoping to appear WOKE and to appeal to all the social justice warriors out there. Ofc.Holley and other Officers are now paying the bill, they are suffering the consequences of fools masquerading as leaders.

My heart, as well as every member of this club, as well as every single law abiding citizen of this country, send our love and support to not only Ofc.Holley’s family, but to every single police officer and their families that have been made to feel like the bad guys, have been abandoned by the very elected officials that will spit on them one second and turn right around and claim to support them.

We have your back, we appreciate what you do and we will always support you!

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