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Stand Against Radical “Anti-Racism” Policies

News Worthy

Recently, the administration of the University of Maryland – College Park has decided to pursue radical, racist, and in some cases illegal policies. These policies span topics such as defunding the university police force, establishing racial quotas, and creating segregated spaces on campus.

  • Defunding the UMD Police Department (UMPD) to make students less safe. In 2019 alone, there were 16 stalkings, 23 rapes, 23 burglaries, and 58 car thefts on or near UMD property. Most of these crimes have been getting more common since at least 2017.
  • Racial segregation in the style of Jim Crow that will make students feel unwelcome in parts of campus reserved for students of certain skin colors to use.
  • Racial quotas in admissions to unconstitutionally prioritize enrollment by students of certain skin colors.
  • Suspensions and “hate speech” notations on students’ permanent records to unconstitutionally punish free speech protected by the First Amendment and create an environment of fear and censorship on campus.
  • Racial discrimination in hiring and training that will prioritize hiring for employees of certain skin colors and force all students to attend mandatory “racial bias” training to start school.
  • More radical policies can be found here.

The policies in question can be found at:

A petition can be found at:

Attached below is a link to the pdf of the public rebuttal of the aforementioned policies. This rebuttal was written collectively by our chapter.

Many thanks to Justin Wages for taking action against these policies and education others on what is happening on campus.

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